Kenny’s is Inverness’s only independent VW & Audi specialist

with over 20 years experience in servicing etc ..

We offer quality and value to help you keep your vehicle

in top condition. It’s important to keep your vehicle health to prolong

Life of your car help save money and unnecessary breakdown’s.


Regular servicing

Most car owners service their car every year

Or every 10.000 miles which ever comes sooner.


We offer parts that matches the quality of the manufacturer.



Improved performance

Servicing is important to keep car maintained

And maximise performance and fuel efficiency


                                     Servicing options

                                      : Filters

                                      : Oils

                                      : Haldex

                                      : DSG ( Direct Shift Gearbox )

                                      : Timing belts

                                      : Water pumps

                                      Checking essential fluids brake, coolant, power steering, washer

                                      Checking essential items tyres, lights, battery, wipers


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